Benefits of SEO

There are uncountable benefits of doing SEO. This is done when you have any kind of business online or you have an entertainment page. Even if you have an entertainment page, and if get thousands of views and likes, we all know that it will get monetization and it will start to make you a good deal of money. SEO is becoming famous day by day because it is letting businesses get famous and make some good money. This is the digital era and there are more than 2 billion people online in which 93 percent of them search on the search engine. There are more than 40,000 searches on all kinds of search engines in every second which makes 3.5 billion searches per day. Imagine having all those people see your website, think of the fame, business opportunities and money you will be making. But even if get one fourth of this percentage, that is more than enough for us for not doing any other job for the rest of our lives. Which means that SEO is done to target as much audience as the site can, after all everything which is right now on trending, that is done by the people and for the people.

Just put a simple query in any Facebook work portal groups that you are searching for good traffic on your website, or you are searching for genuine followers for any social media platform. Your inbox will be flooded with people who will be ready in 5 dollars and give you the whole deal. That is because almost all of them will be having hundreds of fake accounts and they will actually increase your likes and make sure that your website gets traffic as well. And this actually happens, but the social media platforms are advancing as well, they will not count the accounts who don’t give a view after liking the post or signing in the website. They will not consider the accounts that have used to direct link to the site because they search engine and most social media platforms now have spy bots that actually recognize that where the traffic is coming from. That is why SEO is the only thing that will give you quality traffic and not the fake ones. Doing SEO will reach the users naturally and based on their search. You can hire any company of search engine marketing in Dubai or any company of search engine marketing in Abu Dhabi

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