Facts About Cocktails

Cocktails are a blend of different drinks and juices and basic cocktails are made for getting tipsy which means that it had alcohol. But like we said, there are alcohol free cocktails as well. But the trend of cocktails started as healthy juices, people used to mix all kinds of fruit juices and explored new flavor. But some junkies added champagne in the juices and which became a cocktail and it was soon the most popular drink. However, we all know that alcohol has bad taste and bad odor and when people found out that mixing the alcohol with sugar and fruit juice can make it taste good, people started to do experiments and till date people are coming up with different tastes.

There is a huge science behind making the best cocktails. There are even books written on it in the late 1862 which were bought by many bars and pubs, the most famous book was How to Mix Drinks and The Bon Vivant’s Companion. These were written by Prof. Jerry Thomas, he was a chef and before that he was bartender. He also added different recipes for fruit punches, sours, slings, cobblers, shrubs, toddies, flips, and many other varieties of mixed drinks. This book was sold expensive and now this is vintage even though people know how to mix drinks. There are even many kinds of YouTube channels that teach every bit of it but legends are always priceless.

Did you know that why people toast before drinking? Well, this was done by ancient Romans, they actually used to put a piece of toast in each other glasses for well-being and good health. And they would say, to toast. There are actually are penguin shaped shakers and there is a very beautiful motive behind it. If you bought one shaker, half of money goes into wild life charity. This shaker was called Shake Up a Penguin. You must have heard the word Margarita, this is the most famous cocktail in the world, so famous that every hour in USA, 185,000 people drink it. Ever wonder why you don’t see advertisement about cocktails or about new alcohol, that is because advertising about them is banned in every part of the world. You can visit the best cocktail bars in Dubai and you can hire any company of corporate event management in Dubai.

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