Freshen up the dog

A veterinary hospital in Dubai that deals in dog grooming services should focus on improving its accessibility. This is useful for dog owners who do not have the time to give their dog a fresher look.

The case of a single individual: It is challenging for a dog owner to clean the dog on a frequent basis bearing in mind that the person lives alone and could be busy with number of errands to run as well as going to work. It is difficult for such individuals to take out time of their busy schedules. It is more of a problem for an individual residing in an apartment/flat leaving no space for the dog to have a good bath. There is also a possibility that the dog owner does not know which products and tools to use for grooming the dog.

Visiting a reliable veterinary hospital: The individual is left with no choice rather then send the dog to a well reputable veterinary hospital who would do an excellent job of grooming the dog. The hospital should have quality soaps, shampoos, sponges and brushes for grooming purpose. It is very important to make sure the brushes are gentle and go easy on the dog’s skin. The team of doctors and nurses should be well trained for instance while applying shampoo a proper technique is needed in doing so to avoid it going into the dog’s eyes. The owner is advised to send the dog to a clinic that is spacious enough for it to get bathed keeping in mind there would be number of dogs present in the premises.

Monitoring the dog being groomed: The clinic/hospital should allow the owner to keep track of the dog being groomed while being busy at work. This can be done by allowing the owner to have access to the clinic’s system, basically the owner gets to watch the dog being groomed with CCTV cameras being placed in the premises and lastly a camera being placed on the dog’s leash.

Marketing the clinic smartly: Clinics should come to an understanding that not every dog owner reads the newspaper to spot the clinic’s advertisement since some of them have to run errands or go for work. It would be wise to market the clinic digitally keeping in mind people surf on the internet more rather than bother reading a brochure or whatsoever.

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