History of Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper is English based small economy car which was originated in 1959. At that time the main manufacturers had a vision of four-person seating arrangement plus luggage space. They wanted to make this vehicle affordable and efficient for their customers. The first ever model of mini was named ‘Mark 1’.

As fate would have it, the makers put a lot of effort by putting so much functions into a very small package shocked and inspired the whole world.

At that time the successors Austin and Morris became so famous that they were seen as the idols of that era. In the late 60’s and 70’s people marked MINI as a cultural icon. Mini wasn’t only designed to be affordable or efficient it was meant to be a power house mechanical vehicle. This car became a symbol in performance racing competitions.

After a while Austin and Morris changed the game of their design, they acquired the services of the well know formula F1 racing engineer of that time named as John Cooper. With set of skills he had he totally upgraded the performance and design which became so influential in the Europe. There models Mini cooper and Cooper ‘S’ caught the eyes from around the globe. It became a status symbol for all the rally car racing drivers.

Nowadays The Mini Cooper service center in Dubai is the best you can get if you are a car enthusiast and want a fully customized vehicle according to your taste. From customized paint job to mufflers, body kit upgrades, spoilers, alloy rims, hoods, interior décor and also Mercedes Benz service in Dubai.

In the year 1999 Mini Cooper earned the title of ‘European Car of The Century’ just behind the ford model T. With the passage of time mini cooper marked their name in Hollywood movies. In 2003 a movie named as Italian job was released.  These Mini Cooper 2003 model played an important role in that movie. They were fully customized according to their needs. This movie had a famous actor line in which there was Jason Statham, Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton and many others. This movie was a hit in cinemas with the total collection of 176.1 million USD and Mini cooper placed an impression all around the world for putting an amazing show. After that Mini cooper introduced some new models in their line of cars such as mini convertible/cabrio, John Coopers work, Mini hatch/hard top, Mini clubman, Mini countryman, Mini coupe, Mini roadster, Mini paceman.

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