The different parts of a tractor

Tractors are considered as most useful transport because these are used in agriculture and these were originally designed to replace animals in agriculture. So these are widely used by farmers. In ancient times, these tractors were fueled by coal but now diesel is used in these. Now many companies are manufacturing tractors and many new models of tractors are also being manufactured such as MF 399 tractor. Disc harrow is also used with tractors in the agricultural land. With the evolution in tractors, now these tractors consist of different parts. Some of the parts have been given below in this article.


Tractors are usually used to carry heavy loads so sometimes it is connected with any other thing to carry some heavy material. So draw bar makes it easy to carry load and it makes flexible link between tractor and whatever the tractor is carrying.

Power take off:

It is rotating shaft which is placed at the back of tractor and it gives power to the tractor’s engine. Special spinning is needed to use power take off. In ancient times, power harvesters were used in the tractors but these have been replaced.


These are most important part of tractors without which tractors can not move. But the tires of tractors are different from other transports as these have giant wheels. It can also be used to reduce pressure in soil to dig in the soil and most of the tractors have two wheel drive and rear wheels are relatively larger. And front wheels are smaller and they are used for steering only. So due to this, tractors can easily be used to pull heavy weight.

Diesel engines:

As tractors are specifically designed to pull heavy loads so their engines use diesel as fuel because diesel helps to pull heavy loads. So the engines can pull heavy loads at low power too. Small tractors have gasoline engines and now most of tractors are built which are environment friendly so LPG is used in these engines as fuel.

Hydraulic hitch:

Tractors have been manufactured to replace animals so these have been built in a way that heavy loads can be dragged by these tractors. So this part is also known as hitch. It also makes it easy to lower the plow when the tractor is working on field.

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