What you should know about acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture is traditional way of treating different kinds of diseases. In this treatment small sized specialized needles are used and inserted in to the different parts of body according to the pain or disease of the patient. It is believed to be very useful in most of the cases. It is also used as fertility acupuncture Dubai where infertile couples and especially infertile ladies will get this treatment to conceive. Many Chinese doctors in UAE use this method for treating their patients. This treatment method is not only used to cure physical diseases but also brain diseases too. With many benefits there are some restrictions are also there in this treatment. People who do not follow these restrictions may get the adverse effects on their health. Following are some of these restrictions which you have to know about:

Kids: This method is not suitable for kids of small age like the age below four years. There are several reasons for this restriction and one is that they may get scared of the needles and do not lay properly which may damage their small body and delicate skin with the inserted needles because only a minor portion of these needles have to be inserted in the body. Due to their constant movement these needles may go deeper in their body and damage their internal organs.

Elders: It is also not suitable for elderly people because their body will become like of a small kid and they cannot bear the pain of these needles. Their skin become loose and it cannot get to hold the part of needles which need to be inserted. To insert in their body the needles should be inserted deeply but it also can be dangerous that’s why it is advisable that this treatment should not be applied to elderly people.

Prego: It is a restrictions for pregnant women too that they cannot have this treatment due to some difficulties in the procedure. They may get complications during their pregnancy or delivery of they get this treatment. Along with that it is also advisable that women should not get this treatment which they are having their menstruation period because there are a lot of hormonal changes going on during both of these phases in women and this treatment may not give its effects properly on them so better to avoid.

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