Which Type of Milk is Best for You?

Milk is very important for bones and for development as well. There was a time when people have milk only from animals and now there are different kinds of milk. Technology enlightened us that milk can be extracted from different edibles as well which means that different non-living things and things like plants can give us milk as well. Which also means that now we have different variety of milk to choose from. In the old days, there were people who were sensitive to milk and the lactose in it but now there are milks that have less and no lactose at all.

First and the most unique milk is the rice milk. It is very low fat but there is a problem with it like this milk in low on fat meaning to say that it is low on protein but it has many calories. You can say that in a single cup there are more than 130 cups of calories and carbs. That is why this milk is said to be the highest carb containing milk as compared to all other milks. Then there is the hemp milk, this is a very low carb and this is the only milk that has omega-3 fatty acids which is best for heart and every drop of milk contains fortified calcium and Vitamin D. But this milk is slightly high in calories and it is very low protein count.

The most bought is the soy milk because this is the milk that is very much high in protein as compared to other milks available but this milk has little more calories as compared to other available milks. But always be sure to buy the organic soy because buying non-organic soy milk cuts the natural part. To make sure that you are buying organic soy milk, make sure to buy the one that is fortified. You can also choose from coconut milk which has a very low carb count and it is loaded with vitamins A and D and with vitamin B12. But know that this milk is low on protein. There are many studies that have confirmed that this milk helps in improving and boosting HDL cholesterol. Then there is oat milk which is loaded with vitamin A and D and with vitamin B12. There are different and best evaporated milk brands and you can any evaporated milk in UAE.

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