Difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist

A common term is used regarding the treatment of mental health that the person must go to psychologist to get its treatment. And sometimes we hear about psychotherapist and most of us confuse these terms. Although there is close association between these two terms but still there is clear difference between these two terms. If you are suffering from any mental disorder then you can go for psychotherapist in Dubai and psychologists in Dubai. But before visiting anyone of these you should get complete knowledge so that you may choose right for your treatment. So if you are also in search then you should read this article.

What is psychologist?

The psychologists have complete understanding of feelings, emotions and brain but they are not considered as medial doctors. Because they do not attend medical school. So they may hold masters or doctorate level degree and they also provide treatment to mental disorders but they can not prescribe medicines. They have experience in university and they have supervisory experience.

Treatments provided by them:

They use different psychological treatments such as speech therapy. They are not allowed to prescribe medicines.

Conditions treated by them:

Basically, psychologists give treatment of conditions which are related to psychology such as behavior problems, depression, anxiety and learning difficulties. So if you are suffering from depression or anxiety then you can visit psychologist.

What is psychiatrist?

These are considered as medical doctors as they attend medical school and they also go for rotations in hospital. And they also get specialist medical training and they can also go for specialization just like other doctors can go for it. They better understand the relationship between brain and body. So they can also prescribe medicines. So they firstly have to get medical degree and then they get complete training of diagnosis and treatment. So they can better diagnose mental disorders.

Treatment provided by them:

They can provide different types of treatments such as medication, physical health and effect of medications and physical health on brain. Along with psychological treatments they also know about different brain stimulation therapies such as electroconvulsive therapy.

Conditions treated by them:

As they have better understanding of functioning of brain so they can do treatment of certain psychological disorders such as severe depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The severe form of depression occurs when the person starts thinking about suicide or he tries to attempt suicide.

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