Facts About Marriage

Being married is a beautiful and a life long bond. And just like everything, marriage has some amazing facts as well and one of many facts is that the word marriage was not always around because this word was derived from the Middle Eastern countries where they would say Mariage but this word travelled to countries and it became marriage. It was discovered in 1250 and later finalized in 1300. Now, coming to the word wife, this word means different things in different culture and in Indonesia, wife is called a ghwibh which means shame or pudenda. But the phrase wife was called a woman to single ladies in the old times, then people changed it to midwife and fishwife and at the end, it again turned back to wife.

The word husband came from old Norse and then people called husband and husbondi which means the master of the house where as hus means house and bondi means householder or dweller. Being married in most countries means that they get to choose their life partner themselves but in different countries, still men and women don’t have the audacity of having this right. Such countries are Muslim countries where there is no such command from their God but still people have made a trend. If there are marriages, then the divorce is also a part of the marriage which is said to be the bad and a sad part but there are some facts of it too like people who commute more then 45 minutes per day, such people have 40 percent chances of getting a divorce. You can get marriage counselling in Dubai and hire the best psychologist in Dubai.

There was a very famous incident where a couple who was married for 77 years, the man was 99 years old and the woman was 96 years old, the man divorced her wife in this age because he thought that the wife has an affair in 1940s. There are many of us who like to spend a lot of money on the marriages but this fact will stop you from doing it because a study found that couples who spend a lot of money of marriage are more likely to get a divorce soon. The researchers also found that if the marriage continues to 7 years, then people likely to adjust and the decline in divorce after these years get less.

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