Things you need to know about the Federal skilled worker program

Canada is famous in all around world because of its lakes, numerous rivers, majestic mountains and forested eastern valleys. It is also considered as best country in terms of education. The persons of any city or country can apply for Canadian immigration. Even if you are living in Muscat then still you can apply for Canadian consulate Muscat. You can also apply for Quebec immigration. But there are different types of visas for Canada and you can apply for its permanent residence and temporary migration visas too. So before applying for any type of visa, you must select type of visa for which you are applying for and you must see that either you are eligible to apply for it or not. There are different types of visas such as federal skill worker visa, permanent residency program and temporary work visas. There is different criteria for each type of visas.  So if you fall under skilled worker category then you must apply for federal worker visa. But if you don’t know about this type of visa program then you must read this article because here we have provided complete details regarding federal skilled worker visa program.


This type of visa has been started for the persons who are skilled workers and they want to become economically established in Canada.

Eligibility criteria:

This visa is offered to the persons who fall in the eligibility criteria for this visa. So the eligibility criteria has been given in this article.

  • The person must have experience of one year in his relevant field or he must have equivalent paid work experience in the past ten years.
  • They must have been previously living in Canada and their resident status must be temporary foreign worker. They can also be international student for at least one year in Canada.
  • They must have received full time job offer from Canadian company
  • The applicant must have financial resources to be eligible for this visa.
  • Point based system is also used in this type of visa and the person must get maximum points to get this visa.

Selection factors:

There are some specific selection factors which are considered for this visa. Some of the selection factors have been given below.

  • The person must be able to speak English and if he belongs to non-English country then he must clear his English language test.
  • The age of person must be between 21-40 years.

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